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Camp Weather

Rooms must be at 50% occupancy to avoid additional charges.

There is a charge for day visitors.

$7 per person (Continental)

-Cold Cereal (4 options)

-Toast/Bagels  (cream cheese)

-Hard Boiled Eggs

-Pre-packaged Danishes.

$14 per person (choose 1)

-Tri-tip, BBQ chicken, or Brisket

-Baby Reds

-Baked or Ranch style beans


-Dinner Roll

$12 Breakfast

-Skillet Breakfast

-Bacon or Sausage

-French Toast, Pancakes, or


-Fresh Fruit and Cottage Cheese

-Yogurt and Granola

$10 per person

-Pizza (cheese or pepperoni)

-Salad (2 dressings)


$9 per person



-Side Salad

-Cookies              -Cupcakes

-Brownies            -Parfait

-Cheesecake      -S'Mores

-Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Chips

-Strawberry Shortcake

$12 per person (choose 1)

-Breaded Pork chops or Chicken

-Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

-Carrots, Corn or Mixed Vegetable

-Dinner Roll


Includes Ice Tea and Punch

$12 per person

-Taco Bar

-Flour or Corn Tortillas

-Chips and Salsa

Breakfast includes Milk, Orange Juice and Coffee


Includes Ice Tea and Punch

$12 per person (choose 1)

-Salad (mixed greens)

-French Dip,BBQ pulled pork or


-Hoagie rolls or buns

-Macaroni salad or coleslaw

-Cobbler or Pie with Ice Cream

$9 per person


-Country Style Potatoes

-Spinach/cheese/ham Fritatta


-Cut Fruit Salad (seasonal)

-Cold Cereal (3 options)

Dessert Options with

$14 Dinner

$7 per person

-Hot Dogs or Sandwiches

-Lettuce, tomato, pickles

-Banana or apple

-Individual chip bags

Lunch or Dinner

Includes Ice Tea and Punch

$9 per person


-Hash Browns

-Scrambled Eggs

-French Toast

-Banana and Apple

-Yogurt and Granola

To Reserve our Facility please fill out and mail in Hold only agreement with the $400 deposit.

$7 per person (Eat off site lunch)

-Sandwich (choice of 3 meats)

-Lettuce, tomato, pickles

-Banana or Apple

-Individual chip bags

-Water or Soda

$12 per person (choose 1)

-Chicken or Ground Beef Fajitas

-Corn or Flour Tortillas

-Tortilla chips and salsa

-Beans (whole or refried)


2 Night Stay is $80 plus the cost of meals

Sunday Morning Breakfast will be Continental

Dessert Options with

$12 Dinner (choose 1)

$12 per person

choose 1

-Spaghetti with meat sauce

-Chicken Alfredo

-Mixed green or Caesar salad

-Garlic Bread

$10 per person


-Lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions

-French Fries

-Fruit cocktail

$12 per person

Choose Chicken or Beef

-Stir Fry

-Rice Bowl

Pricing, Menu, and Forms