March 21, 2015 7am

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Christian Berets will begin sending our quarterly newsletter  by email to those of you who wish to receive it.  Our newsletter gives information about what Christian Berets has been doing throughout the latest few months, as well as gives details about camp and other events.

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Who We Are

That’s what motivates us to work hard and inspires us to serve well, and compels us to pursue our vision and live out our values.And after more than 41 years of doing just that, we’re making a difference that counts. We’re staying on track, serving with excellence, and partnering purposefully with folks like you.

We care about people. That’s what keeps us going!​

We Care About People

Christian Berets Fall Fundraiser was a great success!  Thank you to all who helped make it a memorable night.


Wheelchair accessible Miniature golf course almost completed!  Built to ADA requirements.

Summer Camp Sign-ups have begun...get your application in as soon as possible!


Camp Weather

​​​Christian Berets is a not for profit organization that hosts camps and conferences for children and adults with Special Needs. Our camp is located in  Mi-Wuk, California , just east of Sonora.  The facilities are also available throughout the year for churches and family groups who would like to host retreats. 

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